Estee Teo

  • How God showed his faithfulness even in grating the smallest desires of our hearts! No desire is too small for Him to care about!

    A couple of months ago, my friends and I decided to take a road trip to Perth, thus in the spur of the moment, we had booked our flight and rented our car, ready to head off for a short retreat. During that time, it was in my heart to come before God to realign my priorities, and also set things straight in my life and to hear from God what 2015…

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    Do you trust Him, even when things don’t look good? Our friend Hadassah shares about the fear and doubt she battled when her doctor gave her unexpected news about her pregnancy.

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    Lately, my dad has been showing signs of a deteriorating memory. He’s been caught in situations where he has forgotten where he has parked his car, and ends up having to spend multiple hours looking for it. This has happened more frequently over the course of this year, which was quite a concern for my family and I. Of all the times he had “lost”…

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    “I’m spent. I want a break. I can’t give anymore. I’m sorry.” I shuddered as I heard these words, coming out from the man I thought I was going to marry one day. Did I hear it right? “You don’t love me anymore? Don’t you feel anything for me? How did a switch just flick?” I asked in contempt and anger, crying as I fought away his painful…

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    Have you ever felt lost and alone in a foreign land? WitnessSG debuts with a story from Editor Estee about how God turned her sorrow into joy during her roller coaster trip in Sri Lanka.

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