God Is In The Details

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How God showed his faithfulness even in grating the smallest desires of our hearts! No desire is too small for Him to care about!

A couple of months ago, my friends and I decided to take a road trip to Perth, thus in the spur of the moment, we had booked our flight and rented our car, ready to head off for a short retreat. During that time, it was in my heart to come before God to realign my priorities, and also set things straight in my life and to hear from God what 2015 would bring.


Beautiful View of Busselton Bay Jetty, when God showed us a piece of His heart

Beautiful View of Busselton Bay Jetty, when God showed us a piece of His heart


One of those days, we had driven up to Busselton Bay and it so happened that my friend, Dorcas, had a little fishing rod in her car. As we peered along the jetty, it seemed like there were several people trying their luck, so we reckoned, why not? Now, the fishing rod we had was one of a very low quality, one of those ones where you had to manually piece together had had a very simple reel attached. Being 3 foolhardy girls, we rocked up cheekily onto the jetty, fishing rod in tow, laughing and throwing caution to the wind.


As we skipped along, our enthusiastic steps soon became heavy despondent strides as fishermen on our left and right warned us that the tide wasn’t in our favour and many of them had been there all morning, yet not been able to haul in a single catch.

Should we even bother? Perhaps we should stuff this and just enjoy the view, we thought unanimously, but somehow, something inside just wouldn’t allow us to toss the idea so quickly.


Dorcas then quickly said a short prayer, “Father, bring us fishes, let us catch some fishes!”. And that was it, we left it as that, almost not even expecting anything.


Dorcas and I messing around

Dorcas and I messing around


When we reached a spot of choice beside a nice looking shelter, we cast in the line and started mucking around, hence the above silly shots. The breeze was beautiful and as we baked in the sunrays, we then started to proclaim God’s promises over our lives, His abundance, His love, His grace, His unmerited favour…..


And as an elderly fisherman walked past, we actually started pretending that we were hauling in a huge catch, shrieking with excitement, laughing our heads off.


Cheryln and I pretending to haul in a huge whale!

Cheryln and I pretending to haul in a huge whale!


And just then, we really felt a tug on the line, and obviously started panicking like crazy and as we frantically hauled up our catch, there were 2 beautiful fishes on the end of the line!! Seeing how panicked we were, the kind fisherman guffawed and instinctively came over to help us with our catch, surprised that we even caught anything!



2 fishes from our 1st haul



Now, you can imagine 3 powerpuff girls screaming our heads off in utter excitement — it isn’t a pretty sight. But soon after, we decided that it would be worth a try to cast the line again, declaring God’s goodness over the waters below us. In less than 5 mins, again, we hauled up another fish, which of course, our new found fisherman friend came over to help us unhook.



Fisherman friend assisting us


We were so unprepared to catch anything that we didn’t even have a pail or a bag to contain the 3 fishes. Thus, we actually had to put them in Dorcas’ handbag (which thankfully was the disposable sort).


As we walked down the jetty, back to the car, 3 fishes in a handbag, we couldn’t but marvel at God’s goodness. God had given us each a fish. We were not that hopeful to even catch 1, but He superseded our desires, and gave us a fish each. And I believe it was God’s way of telling us that he had something special for each of us, and it spoke to 3 of us in a very private way, revealing to us about something we had been praying about before the trip.


We were 3 girls, walking down a jetty, hoping to catch some fish just for fun. Despite the fishing conditions, which made any chance of a catch bleak, God knew the small desires of our hearts, and just wanted to see His children smile.


And I believe that we serve and worship such a wonderful Father, who is the God of all things big and small. There is no desire that is too small for our Daddy God to care about, no fleeting thought that escapes Him. And as I write this, I am filled with amazement and awe at the measure our Father would go, despite our faithlessness, to show us a bit of His glory and I know our Father is not done showing off yet. He owns the cattle of a thousand hills, yet he would care to give us 3 girls a moment of wonder that would last us a lifetime. Such is the goodness of Papa.


Thank you Jesus for being the God of the details.


WIth fisherman friend, fish in hand

WIth fisherman friend, fish in hand


Father, I pray for everyone reading this, that however the situation around them may seem, bleak and impossible, dark and discouraging — You are the God of not only the big things, but the small desires of our hearts. Through this testimony, they will believe God for the breakthrough they are seeking, and as they posture themselves to receive Your blessings, You will pour Your favour out on them. Amen





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